Chemik Invited to Innovation Summit Barcelona

In this month of October the international Innovation Summit event of Schneider Electric has been held to which we have been invited.


A large number of professionals and experts from the sector around the world have attended.

The whole society is evolving very fast and that is why it is important to have digital technologies adapted to that pace of industry growth. That is why experts have told us about the need to integrate intelligent machines into factories to address the needs of digital transformation. This digital transformation refers to the digitalization and automation of production processes.

The digitalization of production processes not only allows the processes to be optimized, generating less inefficiencies, but also provides greater control and data generation, ensuring maximum control of quality standards.

The energy transition and the latest technologies are changing the way energy is managed. And how sustainability affects investments and business strategies.

Finally, we have been able to enjoy the real applications and experiences of the products in the Innovation Hub.

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