Electrical Cabinets from door to door

Thanks to the good counselling and asistance of Marcos, from MOTORTRANS,S.A,we have incorporated to Chemik an IVECO Daily in its heavy duty version. The aspiring objetive is bring the electrical cabinets from door to door.

The value of our electrical cabinets

Thanks to the design and implementation of electrical cabinets we can control and assure the correct functionality of all the equipments that are related in different industrial procesess of a production line. At Chemik we are specialist in start up of automation proyects.

All the components and projects we develop are linked to an excelent quality, used as a standard in our service and way of work. One of our most successfull cases of our company turns arround the standarization, developing and specific study of electrical cabinets located in industrial emplacements. By this way, we have adquired a very fast response in the implementation of solutions.

cuadros eléctricos chemik

Competitive advantages:

  1. High power and control grade.
  2. PLC.
  3. Programmed screens system.
  4. Fully installed VSD and instrumentation.
  5. Change capacity of obsolete and/or damaged components.

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