Chemik with the Sport.

One of the members of our family, Roberto Lucas Martinez, 29, has been chosen to join as a Referee of the Endesa ACB League. 6 months ago, after completing his Master’s studies, he joined our company to be part of the purchasing and material supply department. One of his greatest hobbies has always been to be an arbitrator. And thanks to his ambition and effort, he has been in the Aragonese Basketball Federation for 10 years while he has combined it with his studies and his professional life as a technical engineer. Of those last 4 years, he has been in the Spanish Basketball Federation, surpassing himself every day to where he has come today. A couple of weeks ago he was informed that this year he will be part of the 38 referees who will lead Endesa ACB League matches. A very important news for him and for us who love to see how he has struggled to do what he likes best.

“I am very grateful to the company, first for developing in the field that I like and interest and for the flexibility and support that has been transmitted to me and facilitated to be able to develop and combine my participation in the elite sport with my professional career in CHEMIK “assures Roberto Lucas.

Roberto Lucas Martinez Chemik

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